How It Works


How it works: You or the inmate must email or Jpay us the answers to questions 1-9 along with 500 words explaining how and why the inmate was wrongfully convicted and what evidence proves s/he is entitled to relief.

The inmate can send us their profile now, and we will immediately build the inmate’s profile and store it in our system.  Once we receive payment from the inmate’s family member or friend, the inmate’s profile will be posted on our network, so the whole world will be able to view it on-line.  We will send the inmate a screenshot of their profile as soon as it is posted.

To purchase a profile for an inmate, please click the Purchase Profile button and select the package the inmate wants (silver or gold).  We accept all major credit cards, including Cash App.  All transactions are private and secure.  See our privacy policy.  Otherwise, send your check or money order to: Legal Access Plus, LLC, P.O. Box 39897, Redford, MI 48239.  All deposits are non-refundable.


  1. The inmate’s full name and prison number;
  2. The inmate’s date of birth;
  3. The crime(s) the inmate was convicted of;
  4. The date of inmate’s conviction;
  5. The date and length of the inmate’s sentence(s);
  6. The state & county where the inmate was sentenced;
  7. The inmate’s court file docket number;
  8. The inmate’s name, number and address (along with any Jpay or other electronic service) where you want all responses sent;
  9. What assistance are you seeking (e.g., Attorney, Private Investigator, Conviction Integrity Units, College Law Clinic, Innocence Projects, Medical Expert, Ballistics Expert, Biographical Expert, Fire Expert, Crime Scene Reconstruction Expert, Mental Health Expert, Toxicology Expert, Blood Spatter Analyst, Psychologist, or Criminal Behavior Expert. You can pick more than one, however you do not have to pick any. If you do not see what you need, include it in your Jpay and we will add it).
  10. A 500-word (3000 character) summary of why the inmate was convicted & sentenced and what new evidence proves s/he was wrongfully convicted to require a new trial or sentence;

*LegalAccessPlus requires profiles from you to be: “Declared truthful and accurate in accordance with federal law 28 USC 1746”, which must be written at the bottom of your jpay/email. This is required to protect you and LegalAccessPlus*

We can only accept 500 words so you must describe the inmate’s story in a short, well written factual summary that gets straight to the point, captures the reader’s attention, and inspires them to get involved with the inmate’s cause.  All 500-word case summaries must be sent to us by email, Jpay, or other electronic means. We will use the photo provided by the DOC’s website, until you provide us with a different photo you prefer, either by email or US Mail.  Inmate’s will only be allowed 1 photo change without incurring additional fees.

Any revisions you want to make to the inmate’s profile will require a $25 fee so please make sure the inmate’s summary is current and accurate and says what s/he needs to say. Legal Access Plus will review and correct any spelling or grammatical errors.  We will post the inmate’s photo and case information on our website and networks, and expose it to attorneys, private investigators, forensic experts, innocence projects, conviction integrity units, law schools, legal organizations and the media.  It is our goal to obtain investigations into cases where serious constitutional violations have occurred to determine the truth and correct wrongful convictions.

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