Our Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any restrictions to be aware of when writing a profile?

Do not use deragatory language or make personal attacks on anyone. Do not threaten anyone or use threatening or assaultive language. Sexual language is prohibited. No business may be conducted through the profile. Profiles must be submitted in English. We do not allow members to request financial donations in their Profiles. However they may include specific help they may be seeking (ie. Expert witnesses, Private investigators, Attorneys, Innocence projects, Conviction Integrity Units, Law School Clinics, Forensic Experts, Ballistics Experts, etc.). Any profile we feel inappropriately represents us or our mission will be returned, and money to the Payor refunded (minus a $25.00 processing fee). We reserve all rights to edit, spell-check, and screen profile content at our discretion.


Can I email a prisoner you have listed?

Yes, but only if you contact the prisoner directly through their respective email Kiosk (ie. J-Pay, Cobra, Corr Links, etc).

Can I make changes to an existing profile?

No, we do not currently offer the users the ability to alter the profile. Only LegalAccessPlus can upload profile information. We do offer 1 picture update for the original subscription fee(s) which must be sent to us either electronically, or by mail; every add or change beyond that will require a $25.00(+ Tax) editing fee. Contact Us on how to send a photo or edit a profile.

Can I remove an inmate’s profile from your site?

No, all removal requests need to come directly from the inmate. They must submit in writing that they want their profile removed, and then we will remove it. Under no circumstances will we remove a profile unless the inmate requests it directly from us in writing, or there subscription has expired. Removing a profile upon an inmate’s request can take a few weeks.

Can I send an inmates photo to have it placed on their profile?

Yes, but there is only one free upgrade. Please Contact Us, or

If sending the photo by mail, please send it (along with inmate’s name and inmate number) to:

P.O. Box 39897

Redford, MI 48239

If the photo is a profile add or change requiring a $25.00(+Tax fee) addition, and payment needs to be made, please Contact Us.



Can prisoners pay in installments?

No not at this time, it is a one-time upfront payment, to be posted on our network(s) for 12 months. The profile will be posted when we have all required content, and it has been paid in full.

Can the inmate include copyrighted material in his or her profile?

All profile content including profile text, must be the inmate’s original work. No copyrighted work will be accepted.

Do you accept contributions?

Yes, any financial support you would like to provide for us to further our mission and goals, can be processed here: SUPPORT OUR CAUSE. If you decide to support us, your contribution is not tax deductible and 100% goes directly towards our mission and goals.

Do you have suggestions for inmates when writing their profiles?

Yes. We require the inmate to provide a 500 word summary (under penalties of perjury) containing: what the inmate was convicted of, and what proves they were wrongfully convicted entitling them to relief from their sentence and/or conviction. We have some suggestions to keep in mind. Please goto How It Works.

Do you list foreign inmates on your website?

No, we are not currently an International platform that offers services to inmates outside the United States.

Do you provide inmates legal aid?

We do not provide direct assistance or funding for legal aid. An inmate can place their profile on LegalAccessPlus.com, exposing their case to the legal community.

Does LegalAccessPlus.com work with minors?

No. Under no circumstances will we work with anyone under the age of 18 years old; unless you are a wrongfully convicted juvenille.

How do I cancel or delete My Account?

To cancel your LegalAccessPlus.com, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1) Click ‘My Account‘ while you are logged in.
Step 2) Click ‘My Subscription’. scroll down and click ‘Cancel’.
Step 3) Follow the prompts to complete canceling your account.

Note: These instructions apply to canceling your account, not an inmate’s profile. Only an inmate can request his or her profile be taken down.

How do I change my password?

  1. Goto ‘My Account’, click ‘Account Details’, then follow the prompts to change your password.

How do I get your brochure?

Goto Get Our Brochure, and you can download a copy to print.

How do I pay for a profile?

1 year profile subscriptions are $80 (+ Tax) for the Silver Package, or $130 (+ Tax) for the Gold Package. We accept money orders and cash, through the mail.

If you are purchasing the profile as a gift and you will be sending in the profile content (text, photo, etc.), please Contact Us.

How do inmate's update their change of address?

The inmate must contact us in writing, and we will change the address as soon as possible.

How does LegalAccessPlus.com work?

The prisoners or their friends and family pay us a one time (12 month) subscription fee for us to post the inmate’s profile on our network(s). Please goto How It Works.

How long does it take for a profile to appear on your network?

We receive a great deal of requests each day. All New Profiles, Profile Changes, Profile Renewals, and Profile Content submitted are verified by LegalAccessPlus staff prior to posting. We ask that you please allow 5-10 business days for processing profiles once we receive it and the required full payment. Once posted, the profile will appear in our Profiles, as well as in all relative categories.

How often do you list new prisoner profiles?

New profiles are being listed daily, and the time to post new profiles varies depending on the current volume we are working with.

I am not receiving emails from LegalAccessPlus.com. How do I fix this?

If you are not receiving emails from us, your email provider is most likely flagging our emails as “spam” or “junk mail”. This is a very simple fix. Log in to your email, and check to see if you have a folder titled “spam” or “junk.” Look through that file until you find the email from legalaccessplusinfo@gmail.com. Highlight the email and look at the options; select “not spam,” “never block,” or a similar term along these lines. Every email provider has an option like this. Once you make this change, you should start receiving our emails again.

I am unable to log in to my account. Can you help me?

Yes, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1) Reset your password.

Step 2) Enter your username or email address. Click ‘E-mail new password’.

Step 3) Go to your email account and open the link provided in the email we sent you. If you can’t find the email, check your spam or junk mail. Please be sure to mark email from LegalAccessPlus  as “allowed” or “approved”. This will prevent our emails from ending up in these folders in the future.

Step 4) Click the ‘Log in’ button at the bottom of the page you opened from the email we sent. Enter and confirm your new password. Click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page. This message will appear at the top when you are done: “The changes have been saved.”Your password should now be working, so log in with new password.

I know someone in prison, can I pay for his or her profile?

Yes. When paying for a profile, you can send the prisoner’s photo and profile directly to us. The cost of a one year profile is $80(+ Tax) for the Silver Package, or $130(+ Tax) for the Gold Package which, also get’s them placed on our FaceBook page. Pay with a credit/debit card on our website, or mail us cash or money order to:

LegalAccessPlus, LLC.
P.O. Box 39897
Redford MI, 48239

I never received my confirmation email from you, Did you send it?

Yes. The reason that you did not receive your email confirmation from us is probably because your email provider has marked our automated email as spam. If you have a “Bulk Mail,” “Spam,” “Junk Mail,” etc. folder, the email should be in there. Once you find the email from LegalAccessPlus.com, select it and mark it as “Not Spam.” This will remove our name from your spam list, so you can receive emails from us. If this does not work, you will need to contact your email provider directly for any additional assistance. We will not be able to assist with these requests, as we are unable to make changes to your email account.

I sent you an email, but you didn't reply. Why?

We have thousands of emails, and we work very hard to reply to all questions in the order they are received. However, if your email is outside our scope of practice, answered on our website, or jsut conversational exchanges, you may not receive a reply. We do not engage in purely conversational exchanges.

I think an inmate falsified their profile, What should I do?

LegalAccessPlus.com is not responsible for the truthfulness of any content or representations made by an inmate. All inmates must declare under penalty of perjury per Federal Law 28 USC 1746, that all information provided is true.

If an inmate's profile has expired, can it be retrieved?

No. Once a profile expires, all content is purged from our system, and the inmate must re-apply.

Is an inmate's profile placed on the AccessPlus Facebook page?

Yes, but only if you purchase the Gold Package.

Our site functions as a platform for wrongfully convicted inmates to make their stories heard in the form of a picture and 500 word summary, that we will add to our network(s). We do not relay any communications generated on our networks to the prisoners or their friends and family.

Is it a requirement to post a photo with the profile?

If the inmate doesn’t provide a photo right away, we will automatically use their photo which was published as public information on their corresponding State or Government entities (jail, prison, etc) website. We then allow 1 free photo update sent to us by the prisoner or his family or friend. Only the inmate can be featured in the photo. If neither of these are available, we will post a smiley face until a photo becomes available.

What is LegalAccessPlus.com?

​LEGAL ACCESS PLUS  is a National Online Database for Wrongfully Convicted Prisoners, plus more. We raise awareness of wrongfully convicted prisoner’s by enabling each prisoner to share their profile and story on our networks and reveal proof of how they were wrongfully convicted. The works of Legal Access Plus are well known and respected by members of the legal community and the media. Joining our networks allows prisoners to expose their wrongful convictions to people and organizations that have the power to open doors and provide the justice they are entitled to. Legal ACCESS PLUS puts subscribers profiles on our media networks so that they can be seen by Innocence Projects, Conviction Integrity Units (CIU), private investigators, forensic experts, criminal & civil lawyers, legal organizations and the media!

What is the best advice for writing a profile?

Simply be honest. Tell your story of the incident and what evidence can you provide that proves you are entitled to relief. All content in the 500 word summary must be declared true under penalties of perjury per Federal Law 28 USC 1746. In their 500 word summary they may include specific help they may be seeking (ie. Expert witnesses, Private investigators, Attorneys, Innocence projects, Conviction Integrity Units, Law School Clinics, Forensic Experts, Ballistics Experts, etc.).We also fact-check as much information as possible published by their respective Government entity (State, County, Prison, Jail, etc.) government all of the information (e.g., photos, crimes, dates of birth) before publishing profiles.

What is the number you have listed next to every prisoner's name?

This is their inmate number.

What methods of payment do you accept for prisoners' profiles?

We accept cash and money orders through the mail, CashApp, and credit/debit cards online. See our SubscriptionOptions. If you send cash, please be sure to send it certified mail.

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