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LegalAccessPlus is a National Online Database for Wrongfully Convicted Prisoners, plus more. We raise awareness of wrongfully convicted prisoners by enabling each prisoner to share their profile and story on our networks and reveal proof of how they were wrongfully convicted.

Joining our networks allows prisoners to expose their wrongful convictions to people and organizations that have the power to open doors and provide the justice to which they are entitled. LegalAccessPlus puts subscribers’ profiles on our media networks so that they can be seen by Innocence Projects, Conviction Integrity Units (CIU), private investigators, expert witnesses, criminal & civil lawyers, legal organizations, the media and more!  It is our goal to obtain investigations into cases where serious constitutional violations have occurred to determine the truth and correct wrongful convictions.

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How many death penalty inmates were innocent?

University of Michigan law professor Samuel Gross, led by a team of experts in the law and in statistics, estimated the likely number of unjust convictions. The study, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, determined that at least 4% of people on death row were and are likely innocent.

How many people are wrongfully convicted?

The United States leads in incarceration with an estimated 1.9 million incarcerated according to a March 14, 2022 report by Wendy Sawyer and Peter Wagner titled Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2022, Press release.  

The most recent estimate is that 5% percent of the US prison population, approximately 20,000 people, are falsely convicted. In fact, since the late 1980s, there have been as many as 3,000 exonerations nationwide, according to University of Michigan law professor Samuel Gross, a leading researcher in the field.


How it works

You or the inmate must (email) or Jpay us the answers to questions explaining how and why the inmate was wrongfully convicted and what evidence proves they’re entitled to relief.  We will immediately build the inmates profile and store it in our system.

How it Works

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